Waxing & Threading

Waxing & Threading

Our therapists are experienced specialists in hot and warm waxing and threading.


Warm (Strip) Waxing

Warm or strip wax is perfect for the fast end effective removal of larger areas and soft hair.

 Graduate TherapistSenior TherapistDirector
Half Leg Wax£15£20£25
Three Quarter Leg Wax£20£25£30
Full Leg Wax£25£30£35
Men’s Back or Chest Wax£15£20£25
Forearm Wax£15£20£25
Chin Wax£6£8£10
Upper Lip Wax£6£8£10
Upper Lip and Chin Wax£10£12£15
Under arm Wax£8£10£15

Hot (Non Strip) Waxing

Hot wax is perfect for shorter, thicker more stubborn hairs and more sensitive areas such as the bikini and underarms. Hot wax shrinks around the hair so gripping hairs better and so pulling less on the skin.

  Senior TherapistDirector
Bikini Line TidyA quick tidy-up of the hair around the knicker line.£10£15
G-String BikiniA bikini line wax taken close in at the sides, top and underneath £20£25
Brazilian or Hollywood Bikini WaxAll of the hair is removed from the bikini area and around the bottom leaving it completely smooth. For those who prefer a Brazilian, we’ll leave a small ‘landing strip’ of hair £30£35

Due to the advanced levels of experience our waxing therapist have, intimate waxing is not available at graduate level


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal in which hairs are plucked out using twisted thread rolled across the skin. Great for small areas of fine hair and ideal for those clients reactive to waxing.

 Senior TherapistDirector
Eyebrow Shape£12£15
Upper Lip £8£10
Upper Lip and Chin£12£15
Full Face (not including eyebrow shape)£15£20