Introducing Youngblood Cosmetics

Introducing Youngblood Cosmetics

Youngblood Cosmetics

We’ve recently introduced the Youngblood range of mineral make-up to our salon. And the range is flying off the shelves. Our clients love it. It gives a flawless natural finish and is ideal for all skin types and particularly those with sensitive skin.

About Youngblood mineral make-up

Pauline Youngblood-Soli founded Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics in 1996. Before launching the company, Pauline was a licensed medical aesthetician working alongside renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Beverly Hills, California. Here she saw a need for natural-looking make-up which would help conceal and soothe post-operative bruising and irritation.

Pauline began working with chemists to develop make-up that would cover raw, inflamed and discoloured skin, yet allow skin to breathe and heal. That’s when she discovered the beauty of pure minerals and natural pigments without parabens and petroleum dyes.

Today, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics has grown to offer premium make-up for face, eyes, and lips in the most natural-looking shades. Top-grade minerals are finely milled to create that soft, luxurious feel when applied. Suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

Youngblood – an ethical brand

  • Youngblood do not test any products on animals.
  • Many of the products are made with plant and vegetable-derived ingredients .
  • Most packaging is made from recyclable materials.
  •  Youngblood products are gluten-free, with the exception of Lipstick and Mineral Lash Prime.
  • Animal by-products are not used (with the exception of beeswax and carmine).