Dermalogica® Facials

Dermalogica® Facials

At Posh Beauty we use the globally renowned Dermalogica skin care. Each facial is bespoke. Specifically designed for you by our expert skin therapists. The results are unequalled.

We start with Dermalogica’s unique Face Mapping where we analyse your skin in depth and design a treatment that’s different every single visit. Why? Because your skin is different every time you come in.

The result: glowing, more luminous, hydrated skin. Skin in its optimum condition. The best skin you’ve ever had.

Our Dermalogica® Facials…

The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment

55 minutes from £50

A traditional but highly effective ‘hands on’ facial, a Dermalogica skin treatment focuses on promoting and maintaining the health of your skin. Bespoke prescription by your Dermalogica skin therapist specifically for your skins needs. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, pressure point facial massage, masque and a neck, shoulder & scalp massage.

Dermalogica® Microzone® Treatment

25 minutes £25

A targeted express treatment. Our MicroZone Facials are accelerated Dermalogica skin treatments but in a fraction of the time. Choose your MicroZone treatment from the list or let us prescribe the perfect one for you. Includes double cleanse, exfoliation and either a pressure point facial massage, masque or a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

  • Flash Exfoliation
  • Eye Rescue
  • Rapid Spot Clearing
  • Moisture Boost
  • Skin Soothing
  • Age Management
  • Oil Control

Dermalogica® Active Resurface 35

45 minutes £35 / Course of 6 £185

A powerful resurfacing treatment using the most advanced cosmeceutical ingredients available. Both exfoliates and hydrates the skin leaving it looking smoother and more radiant.

Dermalogica® Skin Specific Facial

55 minutes from £55

Aimed at targeting more specific skin concerns. A Dermalogica Skin Specific Facial uses highly concentrated active ingredients from Dermalogica’s targeted ranges to actively improve a range of skin conditions. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, pressure point facial massage, masque and a neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Choose from:

  • AgeSmart – For the smart management of Ageing Skin
  • UltraCalming – For Sensitised Skin
  • MediBac Clearing – For Adult Acne
  • ChromaWhite TRx – for Accelerated Skin Brightening


45 minutes £45 / Course of 6 £245

The safe, painless treatment for gorgeous glowing skin. Microdermabrasion crystals gently lift away dulling dead cells from the surface of the skin revealing a smoother, brighter complexion after just one treatment. A course of microdermabrasion can dramatically improve mild scarring, uneven skin tone and fine lines and wrinkles.